Why did I do it?

At one point of time - it was enough. All kind of ring-folders, files, documents accumulated in some cabinets and on the desk. No more space and so much effort to find the documents again 🙂

The result is DocBox. A smart solution that changes the way you handle your documents. It runs on a separate box (e.g. Raspberry PI) and allows to upload and access documents via Web & Android App - SECURE AND PRIVATE.

Take your time and watch the video

How did I to it?

DocBox is written in Ruby on Rails (RoR), an elegant Web Framework based on Ruby  supporting the MCV concept (Model, Controller, View). Its running at home for me on a Cubietrack (ARM board) with Ubuntu Linux since 2 years without any problems.

As installation is quite complex on this board I made a 2nd version that is running on a Raspberry Pi and can be installed from Docker in some minutes. Installation details are at GitHub. If anybody want to try it out, let me know

>>> Lean more, read THIS– The Architecture – How to build a modular Document Management System?

3min – that can change the way you work with your document – WATCH IT