What did I do?

TRACKER is based on my experience as a Project Manager and my lessons learned from several projects with tight budget. At one point of time I decided to combine my hobby “Ruby on Rails” and my Project Management know how.

It could run as SaaS or be installed on a companies server. Other alternatives would be to have it as Open Source and let the community decide. I have also considered offering my know how on this topic and to provide this for creating a “cost management” plugin for another project management application.

Why is it so great?

It provides a new way of using the team members know how and responsibility for estimations, using PERT to express the uncertainty. This uncertainty is used to calculate the effort and amount, considering a risk factor. I have done several projects with this methodology and the result was very convincing.

What comes next?

I have not yet decided how to continue with it.

Currently development is on hold, so much other things to do.

If you are interested, let me know - we can start at any point of time.