I am using a 1.8 Inch LCD Screen SPI Serial Port Module TFT Color Display Touch Screen ST7735 (128*160)  for Arduino”, bought for 9€ from

Details: Display Processor: ST7735, Touch Processor: XPT2046, Display Type: ZJY180-TV2.0,128*160

Its part of my Project “BigPi” to use the PI4 as my central home server. I decided it needs a display 🙂

Software – TFT Display

Enabling SPI via sudo raspi-config

After some search I found a nice git-hub to start from:
On RPI4 the libbcm2835 library does not work, but wiringPi.
Needs to be installed via

sudo apt-get install wiringpi
adduser YOUR_USER spi

!!! We need version 52 to run with RPI 4, so installation is a bit different !!!

cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb
adduser YOUR_USER spi

Had to adjust only some value in tft.conf according to my display dimensions:

width=128 height=160
#If TFT have GRAM offset

🙂 cool working

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